The unparalleled air purification system for the industry.

Within the Dutch market, there is no air cleaner that can match the unique features of our systems. With over 50% fine dust reduction, easy plug & play installation, passive air purification, 100% silent operation, ease of maintenance, and no mechanically moving parts, our systems offer unmatched performance. With an energy efficiency of just 18 Watts, our systems surpass all other air cleaners on the market.

At StaticAir, we have developed three different systems specifically for the industry: Findures-Industrie, PMX-Industrie, and PMR-Tube. Each system has its own unique characteristics. We always assess which system provides the best solution for your specific needs. If you're curious about our systems, you can click on one of the product photos below for more information on each system.

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Learn more about the specifications and results of our systems and see why more and more companies around the world are using our systems. Download the brochure and see how our Findures-Industry, PMX-Industry, and PMR-Tube can reduce (ultra) fine particles by at least 50%.

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PMX Industry

The PMX Industry is designed to reduce (ultra) finedust and optimize air quality within workshops and industrial environments. The PMX Industry uses a hanging mechanism, making it easy to integrate into any facility without complicated modifications to the current environment. The system is ideal for companies in the wood, paper, and recycling industries.

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PMX Industry


The PMX Industry is primarily developed for indoor environments and reduces the number of fine particles by at least 50%. The system comes with practical LED indication and is IoT-ready. The PMX is sustainable and completely silent. It operates safely for humans and animals without the use of filters or mechanical ventilation. With a power consumption of only 18 watts, the PMX Industry is the most sustainable air purification system on the market.

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The technology behind the StaticAir PMX Industry

Why should you choose a PMX system?

  • More than 50% reduction of indoor particulate matter.
  • Sustainable business practices.
  • Contributes to a healthy living and working environment.
  • Less absence due to illness.
  • Higher productivity among staff.
  • Extended lifespan of machinery.
  • Complies with health regulation standards (standards differ per country).
  • Plug & play installation.
  • 100% silent when in operation.
  • Low maintenance (no expensive filters required, easy to clean).
  • No mechanically moving parts.
  • Energy consumption is comparable to that of an light bulb.

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