FDRS (Fine Dust Reduction System) is an innovative sytem serving the infra market. The one-of-a kind system is especially designed for tunnels. FDRS helps to improve air quality and reduce harmful emissions in traffic and the environment. Our system is a stand-alone unit, manufactured in the Netherlands, and can be used for new and existing tunnels.

Watch our reference video of the Kiltunnel, the connection between Dordrecht and the island of Hoeksche Waard. The Kiltunnel is a main traffic artery for cars and cyclists. Within the tunnel, we have 20 of our systems that together account for a 57% reduction in particulate matter. (PM2.5 - PM10).

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Download the FREE brochure and learn why FDRS is the solution for Air pollution in traffic tunnels.

Learn more about the one-of-a-kind system; FDRS (Fine Dust Reduction System) and see why more and more traffic tunnels all around the world are using FDRS-systems. Download the brochure and see how FRDS systems are capable of reducing (ultra-)fine dust with more than 50%.

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INFRA market

Air pollution from traffic source is concentrating at the tunnel mouths, which is the ideal location for the FDRS to operate with optimal performance. At this concentrated spot the FDRS captures the emissions from traffic, reducing it before it can reach vulnerable urban area’s


FDRS is an indoor solution to help eliminate fine particulate matter. FDRS reduces all kinds of fine particulate matter of at least 50%. The system comes with practical LED indication, and is IoT ready. The FDRS is sustainable and totally noise free. FDRS operates safely for humans and animals without using filters or mechanical ventilation


The infrastructure market is increasingly focusing on improving air quality, with the health and safety of people as the top priority. Finedust is the biggest problem for air quality in tunnels. Finedust is mainly generated by car tires, engines and vehicles. Take older diesel motors, a prominent source of carbon dioxide. Also Brakes contribute immensely to the emission of particulate matter. According to a British study by Emission Analytics, the emission of fine dust from car tires can be up to 1000 times higher than that of gasoline and diesel engines.

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Unsere Technologie fur die Tunnellosung

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If you would like to receive a reference case or test report of one of our completed projects, you can easily request it through the contactform below.

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Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel.

Hier sehen Sie unser Referenzvideo des  Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel, einer viel befahrenen Hauptzugangsstrasse nach Den Haag. Der Tunnel mit 2 Fahrspuren in beide Richtungen ist der nachhaltigste Tunnel in Europa, auch dank unseres Systems. Unsere Technologie garantiert eine Reduzierung der Feinstaubpartikel (PM 2,5 - PM 10) um mindestens 60 % und sorgt so für saubere Luft für alle, die durch den Tunnel fahren und in seiner Nähe wohnen.


fine dust solution for sustainable tunnel projects reduce PM2,5 in the tunnel environment
particulate matter reduction in tunnels with FDRS StaticAir
Kiltunnel project StaticAir
FDRS system of StaticAir

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