We are passionate about clean air.

We developed highly innovative solutions to rid the air of invisible harmful aerosols to protect health and safety for people in their everyday environment. Sustainability was and is a high priority. Today we have the most efficient systems, while our R&D team takes effort in continuous improvement of better solutions.

Our systems are applied to infra, public environments, sports facilities and industrial environments around the world. Locally manufactured in The Netherlands we guarantee trustworthy delivery of indoor and outdoor solutions. We have agents around the world representing our revolutionary range of systems.

Finding a Solution for Air Pollution

FDRS (short for Fine Dust Reduction System) was our first high quality system, designed for the infra market to combat the outdoor air pollution problem. This FDRS was extensively tested in 2009 on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Thomassentunnel (Rotterdam). The outcome of this research as done by the national Innovation Program Air Quality (IPL) was praised with positive results. From that point on interest grew and requests came in. We are proud to have our systems integrated in Europe’s most sustainable tunnel.

Sustainability and Reduction

Our systems are silent operators, being very energy efficient (18 watts) and take care of air pollution reduction up to 80%, depending on location and conditions.

Sustainability is an important factor. We keep our energy efficient and look for ways to contribute to the circular economy. All materials used can be recycled. Collected waste material from the air is available for recycling into for example tableware.

It’s a matter of time since environmental health is gaining a of lot of priority and attention. The moment solutions  to harmful aerosols become mandatory, we have a variety of solutions available. In the meantime, smart project managers know where to find us, driving the future of a sustainable living and working environment.

StaticAir has a solution to air pollution! And we are proud of that!


“Together we create a future in which 
we all breathe freely”

Fine dust or particulate matter, is no longer a matter of fear. StaticAir has an innovative technique to attract and capture fine dust. A solution that is effective in the outside- and inside environment. It is our mission to create a living- and working environment free from harmful fine particulate matter. Together we create a future in which we all breathe freely.