PMR-Tube is StaticAir’s latest flagship, in the fight against indoor air pollution. PMR-Tube has been developed to optimize the air quality for any kind of indoor environment. As a modular closed system, PMR-Tube is universally applicable and is the new standard for cleaning the air in the industry, sports facilities, convention centers, hospitals, concert halls, schools, utility building, public spaces, hotels etc.

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Air quality is more than ever a top priority to safeguard the health of people in their living, working and recreation environment. PMR-Tube is an advanced innovative system, developed by StaticAir to reduce the effects of air pollution, appearing as fine particulate matter, also known as aerosols (PM10 to PM0,01). PMR-Tube is capable of capturing all unwanted aerosols harmful to the human body, as well as killing viruses through optional features**. PMR-Tube is the new standard for any indoor environment, operating as a stand-alone unit or integrate the unit with existing air duct systems. StaticAir can make any type of customization to the inlet and outlet of the system to fit the PMR-Tube into existing set-ups. It is a simple to install adjustment, which optimizes the indoor air quality in the best way possible. 


PMR-Tube is a revolutionary indoor solution for clean air. This system is capable to reduce harmful invisible aerosols by at least 80%! However a 99,9% reduction could be achieved **. 
PMR-Tube comes with practical LED indication, and is IoT ready. PMR-Tube is equipped with an efficient ECO fan and is a silent operator (max. 50 dB), with a max power consumption of only 145 watts for the plug-and-play version. The standard version of PMR-Tube comes without a filter as StaticAir’s technology does the job. For high risk environments and extra safety requests, the PMR-Tube can be equipped with Triple Protection using a compatible high quality filter of your choice and/or UVC Light for superior control over indoor air quality and virus reduction. 

**) PMR-Tube can be installed with high density filter and UVC Light on request.

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Technology behind the PMR-Tube

Features PMR-Tube

  • At least 80% particulate matter reduction in the indoor environment * 
  • Reduces all types of fine dust, such as: exhaust fumes, quartz dust, metallic substance, fungi, viruses, bacteria etc. (Viruses and bacteria attach to larger aerosols) 
  • Reduces all sizes of aerosols ((ultra-) fine dust) PM0,01 to PM10 
  • Simple control with LED indication 
  • Contributes to a healthy living and working environment 
  • Energy-efficient (145 watt)
  • Quiet (max. 50dB)
  • Weight 160kg / 350 Lbs
  • Safe for humans and animals 
  • Ventilation mechanics
  • Easy to install 
  • Equipped with brackets for wall mounting
  • Easy to operate 
  • Modular construction
  • Removable dust drawer 
  • Low maintenance
  • IP classification IP20
  • Speed regulation 1-10
  • Adjustable air outlet blades
  • No standard filter (optional)
  • Digital connection using I/O contacts and IoT ready with LoRa communication
  • Produced in The Netherlands

* may depend on environmental conditions


  • Customized colors and size
  • Integration to existing air duct system
  • High density filter 
  • UVC Light
  • Twin set-up
  • Ceiling assembly
  • Extra pipe length
  • Various branching options
  • Air output can be located on the left or right  front side or bottom
  • Remote control panel with 10m cable from the air output side
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