Virus free air protecting employees and students 

Professional IAQ (indoor air quality) control eliminating viruses with PMRu. The powerful PMRu is designed as a viruskiller, cleaning 700-1000m3 ambient air per hour, which makes one unit per office or classroom sufficient to create a clean, virus-free environment. The PMRu is a universally applicable system, uniquely developed to optimize indoor air quality (IAQ). This closed unit is universally applicable in any indoor space. The PMRu uses various techniques to provide security and quality in a unique and efficient way. The PMRu promotes a
healthy indoor environment.  In addition to viruses, PMRu captures harmful (ultra) fine particulate matter.


An eye-catcher raises questions. Take the opportunity and show that a healthy working and learning environment is taken seriously. The PMRu air purifier is customizable with your own design. Inspire your colleagues or students to make a statement for a clean air policy.

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Application and reduction PMRu Air Purifier 

The PMRu is easy to instal in any office or classroom corner. Suction from floor level traps the harmful particles into the unit, after which ionizion and filtration take care of safe and secure elimination of viruses and bacteria. Clean air is emitted on top of the unit. The combination of positive ionization, BFE filters (bacterial viral filtration efficiency) and UVC provide extra security.

Filtering method

A combination of positive ionization, BFE filters (bacterial viral filtration efficiency) and UVC provide extra security. Compared to the BFE filters, HEPA filter material is more resistant, which requires a heavier fan and thus a higher power consumption is inevitable. Heavier fans make HEPA solutions noisier. Official surgical masks are made of BFE filter material. BFE filters are more cost effective and uniquely designed for a longer replacement interval, BFE filters last longer, are more efficient and COVID-19 approved!

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Technology behind the PMRu

Features PMRu

  • 99.8% effective removal of viruses and bacteria *
  • ePM1 particulate matter reduction 95% * 
  • Eliminates all types of harmful aerosols from: viruses, bacteria, building dust, micro metals, microplastics, etc. 
  • Reduces all sizes ultra fine dust PM0.1 to PM10
  • Simple LED indication control
  • Contributes to a virus-free living and working environment
  • Sustainable energy efficient
  • BFE filters 
  • 33dBA - 40dBA
  • Adjustable 700-1000m3/h
  • Ozone free
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy operation
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Locally produced in The Netherlands



* Depending on environmental factors

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