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Improving Air Quality on Subway Platforms

Millions of Commuters all over the world deserve better protection against iron dust and overall air pollution in metro's.
Daily exposure costs the Economy as commuters are exposed to exceeding levels of fine dust air pollution. Much subway particulate matter is sourced from moving train parts such as wheels and brake pads, but also from steel rails and power-supply materials. All together these particles are changing subway platforms to zones which are high in iron dust. The dominantly ferrous particles are mixed with particles from a range of other sources, including rock ballast from the track, biological aerosols (such as bacteria and viruses like COVID-19), and outdoor air. These particles are driven through the tunnel network on turbulent air currents generated by fast moving trains and ventilation systems, where they stay trapped.

Air purification iron dust in metro environment

Factors influencing subway air pollution include types of brakes (electromagnetic or conventional brake pads) train wheels (rubber or steel) used on the trains. The depth of a subway tube and its construction year also plays a part in air pollution on subway platforms. as well as the frequency of trains passing. The installation of FINDURES Air purification systems on subway platforms might reduce unhealthy particulate matter levels up to 50%. With a noise free operation and modular installation possibilities as well as design options, this system could make a difference in environmental and health protection. 

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Parking Garage


Air pollution in parking garages typically concentrates at the exits of parking garages. Therefore parking facilities play an essential role in taking care of improving air quality in urban living area's. The FINDURES offers optimal possibilities to improve the air quality in a parking garage as much as possible. Due to its smart and seamless ceiling construction, a parking garage reaches optimal effectiveness, creating a healthier environment for its users. No valuable parking spaces will be lost to apply these systems. FINDURES operates completely noise free and takes care of better air quality throughout parking facilities. FINDURES attracts particulate matter from traffic emissions, which greatly reduces the harmful fine dust from swarming into the environment. 


Air quality is more than ever a top priority for the health and safety of people and their environment. FINDURES takes care of reducing the effects of aerosols, which is fine particulate matter stemming from metals, micro plastics, bacteria, fungi, soot and viruses such as COVID-19 etc. Scientist warn for the inhalation of these microscopic, invisible particles, which effect the respiratory system, the cardiovascular and endocrine system, impacting neurological health as well.

 “Air pollution corrupts not only the health of individuals, but also the health of society.” - Jackson Lu


FINDURES is a Smart City solution designed for rail, subway metro and parking garages. The system uses a patented technology which was developed in cooperation with TU Delft and tested by TNO. FINDURES reduces fine particulate matter PM10 to as small as PM0.1. The capacity of FINDURES is worth mentioning as it attracts a large array of invisible air pollution particles of a scalable 50%. The system comes with practical LED indication, and is IoT Ready to serve the City of the Future. The FINDURES is sustainable and totally noise free. FINDURES operates safely for humans and animals without the use of filters or mechanical ventilation. The power consumption of FINDURES is the lowest of its kind (18 watts), and efficient.


Read more about our recent FINDURES projects here.

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Technology behind the Parking Garage


  • Up to 50% particulate matter reduction * 
  • Reduces all types of aerosols, fine dust, such as: iron dust, exhaust fumes, building material, micro plastics, micro metals, fungi, bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 etc. 
  • Reduces all sizes of (ultra-) fine dust PM0,1 to PM10 
  • Simple control with LED indication 
  • Contributes to a healthy living and working environment 
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Noise Free operation
  • Safe for humans and animals 
  • No moving parts 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Modular construction 
  • Low maintenance
  • Smart City ready (IoT)

*depending on environmental conditions

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