SMART City solution for Emission Reduction

CleanTech innovation PAMARES, is a unique and sustainable Smart City solution, made in The Netherlands. The PAMARES is especially designed to fight outdoor air pollution. StaticAir designed with PAMARES a powerful tool for Smart Cities to reduce harmful air pollution in the form of particulate matter. With PAMARES, cities are strengthening their measures in the run-up to the Paris Climate Agreement 2030 for the emission-free city.

Sustainable Green City

With the installation of PAMARES, Smart Cities contribute to a sustainable Green City with a healthier living and working environment. PAMARES is a unique SMART plug-and-play system that can be integrated directly at the designated locations in a city. Protect the air quality in the urban environment where it counts! In most cases, the system is quick to install, cuffed around (lamp)posts. In this way, PAMARES provides direct and continuous protection in the open air. The system can make a difference for people who suffer from the health effects of air pollution. PAMARES is a smart choice in fulfilling a part in the Zero Emission targets of your city, as set out in the Green Deal.

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Dutch Design for Clean Air

PAMARES is innovative Dutch Design at its finest and provides an elegant addition to any public space. A touch of Dutch design with an important role for optimization of the outdoor air quality. PAMARES reduces air pollution in vulnerable urban areas. Customizing the PAMARES for high profile projects is possible and gives a sophisticated look to your next project.


PAMARES is suitable to be applied in shopping areas, parks, residential areas, public transportation environment, exhibition complexes, hotel gardens, restaurant terraces, school yards, playgrounds, theme parks, wellness parks etc.

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Effective Urban Air Pollution Reduction

PAMARES reduces a large array of (ultra-) fine particulate matter in outdoor areas. It comes with practical LED indication, and is IoT ready. The PAMARES is sustainable and totally noise free. PAMARES operates safely for humans and animals without using filters or mechanic ventilation.


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Technology behind the PAMARES

Customized PAMARES

Customized PAMARES

Putting the Focus on NET ZERO EMISSIONS

Together we can turn the tide of Climate Change and work towards Net Zero Emissions. There is a whole range of different pathways to take in turning cleaner air a reality. PAMARES is a unique tool in the Climate-proof City Toolbox. This patented innovation is easy to integrate in every urban situation. Once installed it starts in effectively removing harmful fine particulate matter. Imagine the huge health benefits for millions of people worldwide. We all deserve to breathe Clean Air!

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