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Climbing Gym

Create a Chalk Dust Free Bouldering Gym

PMX is an innovative system designed to eliminate airborne chalk dust in bouldering areas. But it does more than that - it also reduces other harmful invisible particles from the air. Its groundbreaking technology operates in complete silence, efficiently extracting the tiny particles that pose the greatest risk to our health. In the realm of bouldering and climbing sports, this system is the most popular indoor air quality solution. By implementing PMX, you can join the hundreds of climbing/bouldering gyms worldwide that have already created a healthier environment for their climbers and staff. Don't wait any longer! Take action now and ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere for all. Request a Quote

Protect the athletes' health. 

Indoor air quality is generally poor and has greater finedust concentrations than outdoor air. It was rendered considerably worse by the lack of natural ventilation. Even the tiniest particles have the ability to pass across the blood-brain barrier. A clean indoor environment is essential to people's health and wellbeing. 

Health concerns from contaminated indoor air:

  • Heart and lung diseases
  • Cancers
  • Neurological well-being.
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Air quality in the environment is more than ever a top priority for the health and safety of people. PMX takes care of reducing the negative  health effects  of harmful  aerosols  (fine particulate matter) mood from metals, micro plastics, chalk dust, bacteria, fungi, soot, viruses etc. Scientists warn for the inhalation of these microscopic, invisible particles which effect the respiratory system, the cardiovascular and endocrine system, impacting neurological health as well. 


Athletes need to excel. A sports facility with optimum air quality makes a huge difference to improve their performance. Health is the sole priority for an athlete. Reducing harmful aerosols  in the sports facility with PMX is a smart decision to optimize the environment for best results.


PMX is primarily intended for indoor use and is capable of reducing a wide range of hazardous aerosols. The PMX will be suspended directly in the action zone, continuously reducing all contaminants in the air. Owners, staff, and members of bouldering gyms see immediate results after installation. The system is IoT ready and has a useful LED indicator. The PMX is environmentally friendly and operates in complete silence. Without the use of filters or mechanical ventilation, PMX is harmless for both humans and animals. PMX has the smallest power consumption (18 watts) and is extremely efficient.


Set an example for other gyms by implementing our systems in your bouldering area. Demonstrate to your climbers and staff that you prioritize their health and well-being.


Read more about us in the  Climbing Business Journal. Contact

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Our Technology

Why should you choose a PMX sport system in your bouldering gym? 

  • Plug & play installation.
  • Direct improvement of your indoor air quality by more than 80%. 
  • 100% Silent.  
  • Low maintenance (no expensive filters are needed, easy cleaning). 
  • The energy consumption is comparable to that of a light bulb. 
  • Reduction of annoying chalk mist. 
  • Protection of your climbers and staff.

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Download the FREE brochure and learn why PMX-sports is the solution for a chalk dust free bouldering gym.

Learn more about the one-of-a-kind system; PMX-sports and see why more and more bouldering gyms all around the world are using PMX-sports systems. Download the brochure and see how PMX systems are capable of reducing (ultra-)fine dust by more than 80%. The brochure is available in multiple languages.

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