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The future of Clean Air: WHO shifts focus on aerosol transmission

By StaticAir

During the COVID-19 pandemic all attention went to surface contamination and virus transmission. Even though scientists warned about airborne transmission being overlooked. A few days ago the WHO (World Health Organization) has formally recognized that the virus is indeed airborne. A fact that StaticAir was aware of since offering their solutions to combat harmful aerosols. Our systems are especially made to create sustainable healthier spaces and places.

Millions were spent on cleaning agents, which then added to further contamination of airborne particles which are known to be harmful for people. Could there be other solutions? And where to start for structural solutions? The answer might be easier than you thought:

Daily health habits

Cleaning spaces could be less invasive by using StaticAir’s systems. We offer powerful, professional units that are COVID-19 approved. Systems that could be installed in schools, offices, gyms, restaurants, public spaces, even our industrial solutions focus heavily on PM (Particulate Matter) reduction, while reducing virus contamination in the air. The dirtier the air, the more risk for viruses to attack healthy people.

Complete circle of effectiveness

We say yes to ventilation, but to complete the full circle of efficiency, people need to become aware about the need to rid the air of volatile, harmful aerosols. StaticAir’s systems are a silent solution to effectively treat the air 24/7. Managing health risks starts with contacting our professional advisors now!