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Pilot emission-reducing techniques in the poultry industry officially launched

By StaticAir

On Friday the third of November alderman Willemien Vreugdenhil officially opened the project Gelderse Vallei in the region FoodValley. In this pilot fine dust reducing innovations will be tested in representative stables in the poultry industry. The poultry sector and municipalities showed a lot of interest in the new PMX system. The PMX been installed in the stable of broiler holder and entrepreneur Theo Snetselaar. 

StaticAir is selected by the ‘Practice center Emission-reduction Livestock farming (PEV) to take part on a pilot which aims to find a solution for the fine dust issues in the poultry sector. This initiative will be executed by a collaboration between the PEV, regional governments and academics (Aeres University of applies sciences, Wageningen University & Research). Important test variables in this pilot are the fine dust reduction factor and the affordability of the emission-reducing innovations.

The solutions offered by StaticAir improve both the air quality inside the stable and the quality of the air in the surrounding area. Products of StaticAir distinguish themselves on the market because of their high fine dust reducing capabilities, low maintenance costs and modular design.

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