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Innovative Air Purification in Practice for Visitors and Staff of Parking Garages

By StaticAir

Note: This is an English translation of the Dutch post, originally located at Vridiair Blog.

Have you ever been in a parking garage? Then you've probably noticed the odors or found yourself coughing more often. The reason behind this is the polluted air lingering and being breathed in. In this blog, we want to shed light on something we rarely think about - the air quality in parking garages. Parking garages are designed as safe havens for our cars, but what happens to the air we breathe in there? It's not as pleasant as you might think. Especially when it comes to particulate matter, the invisible pollutant that affects both our health and the environment. We delve deeper into this issue and explore the benefits of an innovative air purification technique by StaticAir that cleanses and purifies parking garages.

Particulate matter: the silent killer that we should not take too lightly

Particulate Matter, commonly referred to as PM, acts as a silent killer. These small particles vary in size and come from different sources, including combustion processes, industry, traffic and construction activities. In parking garages, particulate matter is mainly produced by the entry and exit of vehicles, the wear of tires and brakes, and the general movement of vehicles in the building. The sneaky thing about this is that you don't see it, and what you don't see can easily disappear from consciousness. Because particulate matter in the air is invisible, it often goes unnoticed and its risks are often forgotten.

Health risks hanging in the air at underground parking garages

Why should we concern ourselves with these invisible particles? Well, exposure to particulate matter is not something to be taken lightly. Particularly for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD, it poses a significant health risk. These tiny particles have the capability to penetrate deep into our lungs, where they can induce inflammation, resulting in respiratory issues and even more severe conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. To compound matters, there are studies indicating that prolonged exposure to particulate matter can elevate the risk of serious illnesses, including lung cancer. In essence, particulate matter is a serious matter, and it is high time to eradicate it from our air.

Air purification: the solution for polluted parking garages

When we talk about fighting this invisible threat, air purification comes onto the scene as the superhero we need. But what does air cleaning actually entail? It is a process that aims to remove unwanted particles and contaminants from the air. These particles can range from harmless dust and pollen to more harmful substances such as particulate matter, bacteria and viruses. The aim is not only to create a visually clean environment, but above all to protect the health of those exposed to this air (staff and visitors). StaticAir is a provider of air purifiers in parking garages that are very affordable on the one hand and which effectively purify the polluted air on the other.

How does an air purifier actually work?

How do these air purifiers purify the parking garages? StaticAir specializes in the production and development of particulate matter reduction systems. Utilizing positive ionization, the systems purify the air in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. StaticAir focuses on reducing the accumulation of particulate matter in parking garages and their immediate surroundings. The Findures system, with a power consumption of just 18 watts, is easily mountable on the wall.

The Findures employs ionization technology to create an electrically charged airflow to effectively capture and remove harmful particles. This enhances air quality, promotes health, and extends the lifespan of vehicles and infrastructure. A sustainable and user-friendly solution for cleaner parking environments.

Air purification is the only solution for your lungs that removes unwanted gases and particulate matter and provides you with the purest air.

Particulate matter in parking garages: the danger that is invisibly nearby

Okay, if one thing is clear, it is the fact that particulate matter in parking garages is an invisible danger that we can no longer ignore. It is time for more awareness about the dangers of particulate matter, and it is high time to embrace the power of innovative air purification. Air purification is no longer a luxury; it is an absolute requirement to turn an unhealthy parking space into a healthy and welcoming environment. The goal is to ensure both visitors and staff can breathe a sigh of relief while present in the garage.

The perfect air purifier for every underground parking garage

StaticAir offers a variety of air purifiers in its range, so let's talk about choosing the right solution, the most suitable air purifier for parking garages. Not all air purifiers are created equal, especially when it comes to the unique environment of a parking garage. StaticAir's FINDURES is the champion of underground air purification. This powerhouse cleanses up to 55% of the particulate matter in the underground garage. That's a significant amount!

The benefits of StaticAir's FINDURES

  1. 100% Silent: because there is nothing more annoying than a continuous humming sound.

  2. Plug & Play Installation: no hassle, just connect and enjoy clean air.

  3. The cheapest air cleaning system for underground parking garages: it saves parking garage owners a lot of money.

  4. More than 50% reduction in particulate matter: say goodbye to particulate matter and breathe a sigh of relief.

  5. Low maintenance: no need for expensive filters, easy to clean – less hassle, more results.

  6. Energy consumption comparable to that of a light bulb (18 Watt): it is not only good for your health, but also for the environment.