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Fine dust reduction in parking garage Croeselaan Utrecht

By StaticAir

Catching fine dust in a sustainable way! This takes place in the shafts of the new parking garage Croeselaan in the city centre of Utrecht. In the parking garage, fine dust reduction systems from StaticAir have been installed by Van Gelder to capture polluted air particles, (ultra-) fine dust such as soot. Polluted air accumulates inside closed parking garages due to the automobilist searching for a parking lot. The fine dust reduction systems installed in the ventilation shafts provide cleaner air inside and outside the car park, the air is collected as cleanly as possible and expelled to the outside environment as cleanly as possible. StaticAir reduces fine dust according to the principle of positive ionization. Due to the ionization, the positively charged dust particles are attracted by the fine dust reduction system. The system is a very versatile Dutch product that is extremely durable because it uses only 18 watts!