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Europe’s most sustainable tunnel project installed air purifiers to reduce particulate matter emissions

By StaticAir

The Netherlands, Geldermalsen, June 24, 2020

In recent months, the spread of COVID-19 has created clear awareness about the air pollution problem and the role traffic plays with harmful aerosols. Healthy air quality is now more important than ever. Dutch Start-Up StaticAir recently installed 66 FDRS systems in the nearly two kilometers long Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel in The Hague, The Netherlands as part of Project Rotterdamsebaan and the most sustainable tunnel in Europe. StaticAir designed the FDRS, which stands for Fine Dust Reduction System, to tackle air pollution and thereby reduce the presence of harmful aerosols stemming from traffic emissions.

StaticAir's FDRS is a Dutch innovative solution for the infra market to combat the outdoor air pollution problem The FDRS was already extensively tested in 2009 on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Thomassentunnel (Rotterdam). The results of the research as done by the national Innovation Program Air Quality (IPL) were positive. Project Rotterdamsebaan showed interest in adding the system to the new Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel to be built as the most sustainable tunnel of Europe. Ten years later, 66 FDRS in total hang on either side of the tunnel mouths. When in use, the FDRS is expected to capture 50% of the particulate matter (aerosols) emitted by traffic.

FDRS Principle

The FDRS is produced in The Netherlands and works based on positive ionization, focusing on attracting and grounding harmful aerosols to optimize the ambient air. StaticAir's FDRS systems help to reduce the health risks of this type of air pollution. Aerosols include micro plastics (for example tire wear), micro metals, soot, fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. These harmful aerosols contribute to the damage to our respiratory tract system , our cardiovascular and endocrine system and even our neurological health and immune system are affected. Scientists are concerned about the impact of harmful aerosols on our health. FDRS can be used to help limit public health damage and is specifically suitable for the infrastructure environment.

Visit our website: FDRS product information click here or email to for interview opportunities.

Q&A’s about FDRS here.

Information Project Rotterdamsebaan see website The Hague click here.

Contact: Mr. Lokesh Jain and Mrs. Evelien van der Leeden
StaticAir phone no.: +31 (0)345 745 920 or +31 6 57 76 08 43

Particulate Matter reduction

These microscopic aerosols are classified as Particulate Matter as sizes PM10 to PM0.01, which can all be captured by FDRS. These extremely small particles are able to travel tens of kilometers in the environment and are most harmful for public health.

The Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel is expected to open in December 2020 and StaticAir’s FDRS systems will become operational.

Video about this project: