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A lot of interest for the fine dust theme at the Dutch Poultry exhibition!

By StaticAir

StaticAir was at the Dutch Poultry trade show in Hardenberg for the first time on 19 & 20 March. The discussion about public health and particulate matter is a current topic in the poultry sector. Livestock farming contributes at a local level to an increased concentration of particulate matter. Poultry farmers are confronted with stricter environmental requirements and are looking for solutions to reduce particulate matter emissions. The PMX Agri was presented in Hardenberg, the particulate matter reduction system for the agricultural sector.

With the PMX Agri, StaticAir participates in the Practice Center Emission Reduction Livestock (PEV), part of the Poultry Expertise Center. The PEV tests in cooperation with livestock farmers, Wageningen Livestock Research and Aeres education group feasible and affordable techniques to reduce particulate matter.

The PMX Agri is designed to be used indoors in the stable environment. The PMX Agri cleans the air at animal level through positive ionization. The particulate matter particles are captured efficiently, close to the source.

The effect is two-fold. In addition to lower emissions to the outside environment, the cattle farmer and the animals themselves breathe noticeably cleaner air. There were many positive reactions from the poultry sector and the visitors to the fair. We are very happy with all visitors and reactions, Thank you a lot.

Were you unable to visit this exhibition but still want more information about the PMX Agri or other StaticAir products?

Please feel free to contact StaticAir by E-mail or by telephone on 0345-745920.